Anna Levi Mordechai


Athens, 2013

Beautiful Corfu, sweet beloved Corfu,
Who knows if there will be a time to live in unity?
To tell you of the troubles I suffered there
In the cells of Poland, in the lager, day in and day out.
They dressed us up like inmates in blue and white stripes,
So much sorrow… our brothers fell like flies.
Like cowards they beat dogs until the heart bled,
And they burned women and children, those wretched murderers.
And if we cried, it was no use, we only hurt our eyes,
Hitler burned them all, we cannot bring them back.
And you, children of freedom who have learned of this tragedy,
Wipe fascism out, I ask you to make that promise!


Anna Mordechai sang this in her interview with Artemis Alcalay (Athens, 5 February 2013) to the melody of an old traditional song.