Dinos Matsas


Volos, 2014

One night, they woke us up at 5 am, 4:30 even, block siebenundzwanzig (27); they took us outside. At one point, they brought us food. Soup, plain bread. Meanwhile, it was growing light, and they took us to the rematoria.

[…] We stood five by five in a row, but that thing, the jeep that brought the Zyklon, that gas, wasn’t there.

[…] Meanwhile, talking to each another, we realised that since they’d brought us here, we were next to go.

[…] We said goodbye to one another, a strange, macabre thing. At one point, in the distance, we saw a German approaching on a bicycle, a piece of paper in his hand. The gas hadn’t arrived yet. The German came, he gave the piece of paper to the commander standing there, and he cursed … cursed…

Excerpt from an interview with Dinos Matsas by Artemis Alcalay (Volos, 24 March 2014).