Corfu | Homecoming


Alcalay delivers a performative act in Corfu, the very place from which about 2,000 Greek Jews were displaced and of whom only 180 ultimately survived Nazi mass extermination. The artist sheds light on her meetings with Corfiot Holocaust survivors in their own surroundings – the Synagogue of the Jewish quarter. Both Alcalay and the survivors “return home” to Corfu, inviting us to get to know them and listen to their individual stories as well as calling on us to actively fulfil our duty towards knowledge and come together to engage in a process of historical awareness and justice. Alongside those who survived, the artist suggests that images, whether literal or figurative, temporary or permanent, are places of reflection. Images become opportunities for coexistence, interaction and fruitful reflection on the past and the present, on trauma and reconciliation.

Eugenia Alexaki